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About Czech language

Czech is an Indo-European language, member of the Slavic languages. It stands closer to east Slavonic (together with Ukrainian, Belorussian and Russian) and to southern Slavic (together with Bulgarian, Macedonian, Slovene and Serbian).Czech has been influenced over the time by some other languages mostly by Old Church Slavonic (9-th century), but also by Latin (as most european languages) and German (main language of Habsburg Empire). In present it has a close linguistic tie to Slovak, these two languages being mutually intelligible for most adults. This intelligibility was reinforced during the period of Czechoslovak state existence, when Slovak dialects were strongly influenced by Czech. The Czech is spoken in Czech Republic (official), and also spoken by Czech immigrants and ethnic Czechs in Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Canada and the United States. There are about 12 million speakers, of which 10 million live in the Czech Republic.

There are two forms of Czech used: there is standard Czech, used for official purposes-written language and there is common Czech, often used in conversation. Standard Czech is based on the Prague dialect. Dialects that differ from standard and common Czech are the Bohemian dialects (in west) and in Moravia we find three dialects group: Central Moravian, Moravsko-Slovensky-spoken near the border with Slovakia, and Lachian-spoken on the northeastern border with Poland. Milan Kundera and Franz Kafka are two well-known authors in Czech literature. Many of the more popular works have been translated into English.