Fantasy Names

Fantasy name generators are used for amusement, in role-playing games, for World of Warcraft or Diablo III nicknames, or in any situation where names of virtual characters or places are needed.

  • This tool will generate a random name based on Star Wars thematic.
    Samples: Cyan Tavers, Jazlynn Veila, Varina Diggs.
  • On you can generate a random german soldier name.
    Samples: Immo Notz, Florian Biegeleben, Fridolin Zintl.
  • has a couple of random generators: city name generator, country name generator, medieval female name, medieval male name, etc.
    Samples: Gautier Morjuet, Olvaia, Zenontas.
  • A good tool to generate nicknames is Yafnag(Yet Another Fantasy NAme Generator).
    Samples: Mylea, Artiger, Farrars, Gwendor.
  • Random RPG name generator works well for elven and dragon names. You may select gender.
    Samples: Onicia, Kedardodda, Jerowiel, Thotgolos.
  • Seventh Sanctum has a large collection of fantasy name generators: evil names, dwarf names, tree-being names, realm names, pirate ships names and many more.
    Samples: Sked, Tisnaar Cairnvictor, The Coral Hoard of the East.