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About Hungarian language

The Hungarian language belongs to the Finno-Ugric languages family. It is spoken by around 14 million people, most of them in Europe and the rest of them in North America. The linguistic ancestors of the Hungarians lived in the western area of the Uralic Mountains until around the year 1000 B.C., when they started to move southwestwards. The genetically and linguistically influence of the Turkish people occurred around 400 B.C. when the Hungarians reached the coastal region of the western Black Sea which is the present territory of Hungarian country (next to Romania). Afterwards the Huns reached the area and ruled over Hungarians, establishing their new state. Later on, the Turk Empire expanded and managed to rule over the Hungarians and over some territories of their neighbors Romanians.

Despite all this historical information provided by linguists the link between Hungarian and the Ob-Ugric languages spoken on the Siberian side of the Ural Mountains has been (and still is) considered uncertain. The Hungarians call themselves magyars. Their international name, Hungarians, derive from the Turkic word “onugor”, meaning “ten arrows”, referring to an ancient tribal alliance.