More Tools

Here are a couple of more sites where you can generate random names:

  • On Random Name Generator can generate names in specific languages: Italian, Norwegian, Serbian, etc. It has a huge database of names so you will probably get an unique name.
    Samples: Marcie Piercy, Patrick Mcguire, Hector Mehmood.
  • On has even a higher variety of languages, it has even ancient ones. However the number of names in their database is quite low so the results will often overlap.
    Samples: Diodotus Wolf, Haruki Ioan, Paul Esme.
  • can generate up to 950 names at once, and for each of them you can browse all variants. The site is very clean, simple and easy to use, but it has it’s limitations due to low number of names in the databases.
    Samples: Rowan Busk, Stacie Zimmer, Cleo Hayhurst.
  • is another clean site, which can generate random names in many languages: Israeli, Iranian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, etc. You can also specify the gender.
    Samples: Grace Porter, Dulce Head, Michelle Forte.

For checking gender of names, you can try It has some nice bar charts like: