Name Statistics


If you want to check popularity of a baby name by state, decade or year, try It has all the statistics you need for USA. For 2012 the most popular names are: Sophia Isabella Emma Jacob Mason William.

Statistics of Norwegian names are found on
Top names for 2011: Emma Nora Sara Emil Lucas Matias.

In Canada, British Columbia, the most popular names in 2011 according to  to are: Emma Olivia Sophia Ava Chloe Liam Ethan Mason Lucas Benjamin.

On you can find top baby names in England and Wales. In 2011 we have:  Harry Oliver Jack Amelia Olivia Lily Sophie.

In Germany we have: Mia Emma Hanna Ben Leon Lucas.
Using we can go back to 1890 where the most popular names were: Ana Marta Frida Carl Wilhelm Otto. Checking somewhere in the middle, like 1956 brings these names on top: Angelika Sabine Birgit Michael Peter Hans.

In Italy, popular names in were 2010: Sofia Giulia Sara Francesco Alessandro Andrea.

As you can see, all around the world, variations of name Sophia are very popular these days. After checking some more countries at, in France and India, there is no Sofia related name in the top 10.

Regarding surnames statistics, you can find valuable information on name directories like The problem with the site is it doesn’t have a search feature, so you will have to use google to search it. However the tool is very good to find where your name originates from, how popular your name is on the web and what faces are related to your name.

Examples: For Andres we see there are the most in USA, then in Spain. It also shows some anagrams: Naders Sredna.
For Pascolo Italy and France are in the top and anagrams: Polsoca, Scoploa.