Russian Random Names


Random Russian names generator

  • Vikusya Shamalo
  • Paul Bergutova
  • Zhenya Frolova
  • Anton Pochekueva
  • Tatyana Chebotar
  • Irina Ekaterina
  • Liza Slitsina
  • Misha Nikolskiy
  • Alyona Jibura
  • Natali Borz

About Russian names

In Russia the formal address is generally in the form of Name + Patronymic (father’s name) + -ovna for women and –ovich for men. The initial “O” will be “E” in some case following soft consonants. Some good examples are: If Piotr is a son of Vasiliy then his formal name will be Piotr Vasilevich. If Tatyana is a daughter of Ivan then her formal name will be Tatyana Ivanovna. In ancient times –ovich was actually –ovits. Today it’s changed, but you can use it for additional realism.

Russian names are unique and interesting because most of the names have meanings and history behind them. Names vary from men to women.